Surpass your sales targets.

Reach new markets, increase customer satisfaction, and grow your company by leaving sales to experts.

Why companies choose us

  • Detailed

    Our dedicated team of highly trained and performant consultants to represent your brand to new clients.

  • Experienced

    With over 16 years of experience in both B2B and B2C sales, we have developed innovative outreach methods.

  • Focused

    Our mission is to help you grow your company. As such we always aim to find and create the best opportunities.

  • Transparent

    Communication is primordial. We care about the feedback from our clients to foster a long-lasting partnership.

  • International

    All of our consultants are proficient in at least two languages. Start selling to new audiences now.

  • Result–Oriented

    We don’t accept sales which are not up to our standards. Our top priority is the quality and lifetime value we bring.

Focus on your product

Most companies reach a point where the bottleneck becomes their internal sales process. Resources and time get diverted from their core offering which impacts their business model.

Outsourcing your sales teams to our expert consultants will allow you to get the best of both worlds. Onboard new clients faster while providing them with a positive experience.

Follow your progress

Communicate with your assigned consultants at any time and recieve detailed feedback on the performance of your running campaigns.

Monitor your goals thanks to our commitment to transparency. Each of our reports is hand reviewed to ensure easy comprehension.

Our Tools

In order to monitor sales and bring the best value to our partners, we use the Salesforce CRM software suite.

This allows us to customize each campaign’s leads and referrals to our client’s needs.

With specialists on the team to manage and work with our employees for efficiency.

Case Studies

  • Working with FirstData to capture a leading chunk of the sales processing market share in the province of Quebec.

  • Helping C360HD grow their business and reach a thousand direct sales from September to December of last year.

Sales shouldn't be hard Start growing faster